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The Ashram

Samadhi Bhavana / Center for the Cultivation of Consciousness is at this time the only meditation ashram in the city of Poughkeepsie. We offer ongoing classes in our core practice, Kundalini Mahayoga meditation, alongside complementary trainings in zazen, Taoist forms, and related branches of human spirituality. Visit our page The Practice to  read some background on our core practice teachings. Our central downtown location is a few blocks from the Hudson River and the Metro North/Amtrak train station. Samadhi Bhavana also hosts events in a variety of multidisciplinary practices in self-development, healing work, and social justice-informed reflection.


We currently offer Kundalini MahaYoga classes Wednesday evenings at 7 PM/EDT. Till the COVID-19 crisis, on-site classes occurred at our ashram in Poughkeepsie. Until further notice, classes will occur online. Anyone initiated in this practice can attend through access via Zoom teleconferencing software. New students can be initiated into the breath technique via Zoom or FaceTime. For further information, see our Contact Information page.

Samadhi Bhavana is an inclusive space for those who express a serious and respectful interest in studying this work. This includes people who question conventional structures of social conditioning and material worldly power. Spirituality is ultimately about dedication to an evolution of consciousness, and the cultivation of well-being, belonging, and service in the world. We believe that developing a higher consciousness as individuals infers a responsibility and commitment to the well-being and safety of all sentient beings.


This commitment includes people who exist in spaces outside culturally-imposed social or binary poles. For example, those who experience non-binary gender identity can be well-suited to the meditation form practiced at our ashram. The science of Kundalini MahaYoga is designed to open and unify the subtle body’s natural portals to male and female energies. This is not about conventional notions of gendered bodies. Rather, it infers an awakening toward the fusion of two fundamental energetic principles: Shiva (masculine/ formless consciousness) and Shakti (feminine / dynamic creative force.) Over time, and with dedicated practice, this work integrates the polar male and female energies that naturally abide within the spine, channeling them into a fluid, unified internal-energy body; the purpose is to gradually build a strong spiritual foundation to nourish an holistic awareness of conscious, compassionate living in the world.

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