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The Lineage

RUDI (Swami Rudrananda) developed the meditation technique practiced at Samadhi Bhavana Ashram. Born Albert Rudolph and raised in East New York, his entire life was devoted to spiritual search. During his 13 years as a student of Swami Muktananda, Rudi became one of the first Westerners initiated as a swami in the Sarasvati branch of the Dashanami Sampradaya Kundalini lineage. After decades of intensive study with teachers in the United States and in India, Rudi developed a unique form of meditation designed for people who face the intense dynamics and pressures of contemporary life. Rudi's work distilled centuries of esoteric teachings into a breathing system that renders cosmic energy accessible to any receptive seeker. In February 1973, Rudi died in an airplane crash near Hunter Mountain, in upstate New York. His lineage is carried on by teachers and students all over the world.

You can visit The Rudi Movie Project to directly experience a bit of Rudi's teachings,  spiritual persona, and unique energy for yourself.

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